Thursday, July 07, 2005


5th of July was my first day of second year at my company. It has been one year. One great year.

But I notice that some of my friends are still struggling to get a satisfactory (in terms of money) job.

Not that I never had to struggle in my life. I am always struggling on health front. I have always struggled on academic front since I was out of my school. I had struggled to get admission for electronics subject in junior college. I had struggled to get free seat in engineering. I struggled to clear IIT-JEE. I failed every time.
I have struggled to pass in subjects of engineering. 73 was the highest score I saw in my four years of engineering (that too in first year itself, and I never crossed 65 again). My friends used to scold me that I didn't study properly.
And although I was pretty sure that I would have to struggle really hard for my first job (due to my average marks being less than normally expected), it was perhaps the easiest thing that happened in my life.

I read this quote somewhere:
"God won't give me anything I can't handle. I wish god didn't trust me that much".
I think God had given me enough things I couldn't handle. So at the end he gave me exactly what I wanted.

Now I feel like I am in my second year of my new college. College of life.
Everything is same as it was when I completed my first year of college, except one thing. I have lost more friends that I made.

Struggle, you have to do, to keep your friends close to you.

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pramod said...

Hey Man!
Its gr8 to read straight from your heart. Really one must struggle alot to keep friends closer.Circumstances make us to change, either we dont keep more contact or our friend. But i believe the real friend is he,who always provide true opinions on our activities. All friends must find solutions to our problems but never become problem to solve.

Well, nice to read your blog