Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's about choice

Yesterday morning I and Debajit had this chat.


Debajit: yes the intel macs will definitely be out in 2006
Debajit: apple will mostly come out with a new intel laptop line that will be cheap or at least comparable to the current dell, compaq laptops etc
Onkar: :-D Then I will wait

(Currently I have no intention to buy a new machine)

Debajit: it will most probably be based on Intel's new "dual-core" Yonah processor, and not on the pentium -- and it will also be 64 bit I think
Debajit: :)
Onkar: Coooooooooooooooooooollllllllllll
Debajit: apple will make an announcement at macworld later this Jan -- it will all be confirmed by then

(Read more about it)

Onkar: Ok
Debajit: apple is also releasing Leopard (Mac OS x 10.5+) the new version of their OS -- that will compete directly with Longhorn when it is released later this year.... and with Linux, the competition is going to be really hot -- 2006 is said to be the year of the 3 L's -- Leopard, Linux and Longhorn :D
Onkar: :-D
Debajit: I think by 2007 firefox may become the most popular browser --
Debajit: :D
Onkar: But by end of 2006 we will have two more releases of Ubuntu family, one more Mandriva, Suse, Slackware, Fedora and perhaps one more Gentoo.


So by the time Windows Vista (Longhorn) or Intel based Macs release by end of next year I would have two OS upgrade cycles for my desktop and my dad's laptop which will ...
1. Accomplish almost any task that I will ever want to do including Bluetooth transfers, video transfer over FireWire, video editing, wireless connectivity.
2. not require me to upgrade my machine or buy a new. I already have 512 RAM and my Dad's laptop has almost everything he (and eventually me) will need for next 5 years.
3. not cost me any money other than buying/downloading Ubuntu CD and still I will be using one of the most robust and advanced OS. I will be fool to call Windows robust and advanced. I am comparing Linux to Mac OS X.

I remember Oracle saying to Neo in Matrix Revolutions, "You have already made the choice. Now you have to understand the choice"

In my case I have already understood the choice.

My advice to you,
1. If you are buying new machine then buy something Linux based and save money to be paid for Windows.
2. If your machine is more than 3 years old, having speed at least 400 MHz, RAM at least 128 MB then try Ubuntu/KUbuntu. You won't be disapponited. Once everything is working you can always upgrdae your RAM.
3. If you think Linux doesn't support mp3 or wmv out of box then understand the reason behind it. Know the process to enable the support. Even Linux newbies can do that.

Enjoy the freedom of choice.

NOTE: I have a wish to own a Mac sometime in my life. But I am really happy with Ubuntu currently and don't plan to buy a new machine at least next 5 years just to check Mac OS X.