Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Breezy October

This rainy season has been worst I have ever seen (not to mention I have seen just 22 rainy seasons). Mumbai had very bad flood situation and almost all the districts in Maharashtra are poured with more than average rains. Till September last week rain had not stopped (at least in Pune). We can expect a large drop in temperature in winter and it may lead to cold winds.
But that is not why October is going to be breezy.

I have waited long for Ubuntu's next release 5.10. This will be third release of Ubuntu I will be using and it has become my primary and only operating system at home.
Don't be surprised that I dumped Windows an year ago, tired of seeing all those BSODs and taking care of unwanted guests a.k.a. viruses and worms.

I am extremely happy about the way GNU/Linux is blended in a usable distribution by Ubuntu developers/maintainers. The Ubuntu community is growing continuously and the distro is at the top at distrowatch leaving Mandriva, SUSE, Fedora far behind.
And if you are KDE lover (read as 'GNOME hater') then also you have no reason to be unhappy with Ubuntu because sister project KUbuntu delivers same distro with KDE as default desktop environment. I will surely like to try Edubuntu (set to release sometime this month) which is being made for classroom use. The package list looks good. So if you know any school or college in India that would love to try it then let me know. May be I could help.

Since all the releases are code named Breezy Badger, the October is going to be real breezy.