Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We did it - finally

The announcement is a bit late. But better late than never.

We released version 1.3.5 of gnusim8085 exactly one week ago. The code changes done in last five months are finally out in the wild i.e. downloadable in a tar ball. The main features of this release were use of gtksourceview2 and a Windows port. Funny thing is that the Windows port and installer was built right on my Ubuntu machine. The only time Windows came into picture was when we had to actually test the application.

I must mention a few people who have helped us for this release.
1. pbor on #gedit for helping time and again regarding use of gtksourceview2 syntax highlighting apis.
2. Aditya M. and Krishna Bharadwaj for their participation in workout and some pretty good bug fixes.
3. Madhusudan C. S. for testing the Windows port and fixing some bugs to put the port in usable shape.

We hope to follow a regular release cycle in future. Let's see what happens.

Monday, December 15, 2008

What's the point???

1. What's the point of putting email addresses in Bcc if at the end your mail you are specifying which addresses you put in Bcc. ;-)
2. What's the point of using a hands-free accessory with mobile phone if you have to hold it, by hand, near mouth to have proper communication. :-P
3. What's the point of wrapping a scarf around your head, while driving on a motor-bike, to protect your skin when you should actually protect your head by wearing a helmet. :-(