Monday, December 15, 2008

What's the point???

1. What's the point of putting email addresses in Bcc if at the end your mail you are specifying which addresses you put in Bcc. ;-)
2. What's the point of using a hands-free accessory with mobile phone if you have to hold it, by hand, near mouth to have proper communication. :-P
3. What's the point of wrapping a scarf around your head, while driving on a motor-bike, to protect your skin when you should actually protect your head by wearing a helmet. :-(


Anonymous said...

Whats the point of Ubuntu when there is Debian?

Ethan Anderson said...

Sorry, anonymous, which one of those little lines down there is debian? Oh right, the yellow one.. you can /kind of/ see it I guess... If you look closely..

MagicFab said...

1) Making sure someone doesn't "reply to all"
2) Fail-over redundancy :)
3) The probability of freezing may be higher than the probability of crashing.

Anonymous said...

actually, no2 makes sense. When you use your cell phone a lot, you don't want to have it touching your head all the time.

Janne Morén said...

1: In many mail clients the BCC field is simply the most convenient or default place for adding multiple addresses.

2: with a handsfree you don't put the transceiver right up to your head, something that does worry quite a lot of people.

3: Being warm and being safe are not opposing goals.

ell said...

1..3 teh point is to make pointless statements.

1. I'm letting everybody know that i'm bccing these people.

2. I'm letting everybody know that i'm cool when i'm using my mobile phone.

3. I'm letting everybody know that i'm still hip/ 6,7,8 ties cool when i roam around with my big bike.