Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rufscript - A nice handwriting font

Hiran has created a nice font called Rufscript based on the handwriting of someone he knows. What is more important is that the font is available under GPLv3 with font exception.

Here is how nice this font looks.

Please head over to Hiran's post for details.

For those who simply want to install the font in Ubuntu, Andrew (asomething) has made a quick .deb for the font in his PPA for hardy and intrepid.

NOTE: I have never interacted with Hiran on any level before. But this was something too good to resist sharing.

Update: Corrected Hiran's name. It is not Hiren. :-D


Derek Buranen said...

awesome. best script font ever! thanks for sharing this gem.

Dread Knight said...

I like it!

Elaine said...

Nice font. So often handwriting fonts are so dreary to read.f

Hiran Venugopalan said...

Thanks for sharing the font!

Anonymous said...

The best font I've ever seen! Thanks a lot for this!
It became the font of our wedding invitations...