Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Article featured on 'Debian Package of the Day'

I have written reviews of some movies, software, books on my blog. But I know the audience of my blog is not large enough.

Few months back I discovered 'Debian Package of the Day'. This blogs features articles submitted by users about various applications available on GNU/Linux systems. Although it says 'package of the day', the articles are published on Wednesday and Sunday of every week.
Answering to their call for submission I wrote a review of Thoggen, a DVD ripping application and sent them a mail. The mail was unanswered till today.

Today I received reply that said that article was accepted with minor changes and will be published mostly by Sunday. Surprisingly the article got published today itself. :-D You can read the article at
For any question related to the article you can ask me via comments or other means. I think I will write more such articles in near future. Who knows, I may work as technical writer some day. :-)

Now who can guess the movie from the third screenshot? :-P