Monday, June 06, 2005


A man was sitting in a chair watching installation of a new machine in his factory. His companion was a dog, a full-grown German Shepherd with height about half of that man and wait about 40 kg.

When it was time to leave the man asked a boy to take the dog away. The boy tried to pull away the dog with the chain tied to his neck.
The dog was ill. It became furious with this action. It went mad.

The dog unexpectedly attacked the man. It went out of control.
The dog was thirsty for the man's throat. The man was fighting with the dog for more than 15 minutes. Nobody dared to come to rescue him.

Finally the man managed to put his left hand in the mouth of the dog. Finally the man managed to save his throat.
He then grabbed the chain and somehow brought the dog under control.

The man received number of wounds on his both hands, legs, stomach.

The man is in his early fifties. His name is 'Ravi', synonym for sun. One that stands high, above all.
He is my uncle. My mother's brother.

I didn't see the incident but just heard about it. I am not sure what I would have done in such situation.

After all, it takes courage ...
... to take 20 injections in one single day.
... to fight a German Shepherd bare handed.
... to put your hand in mouth of a mad dog to save your throat.