Wednesday, July 27, 2005


(Translation for those who don't understand Marathi)

Read 'Partner' by V. P. Kale. One more addition to list of good books.
There is a difference between P. L. Deshpande & V. P. Kale, also there is one similarity.

Stories by P. L. are based on pure harmless humour. The characters seem very familiar. It feels like we have met them.

Stories by V. P. are based on events in day today life. There is less humour and more harsh truth. The pains of characters are really true. It feels like 'this can happen to me'.

Both have one similarity. Both make the characters really live.

I was lucky to hear V. P. in college annual gathering. 'Baap' and 'Gargi Parasnis' stories were really good.
Planning to buy books 'Sakhi' & 'Vapurza' soon.


terri87alfredo said...

damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

Savangadi said...

Absolutely true.
nice to know a 'Va. Pu.' fan.

Jaidev said...


I like to read books Va Pu Kale.

Could anybody tell me name of few links where pdf/ doc or any other downloadable versions of Va Pu's books are available.

- Jaidev

Indira said...

Vety true...
I like both of them.
As well khandekar...
Nice to know that even you like Pu la and Va pu

Anonymous said...

Nice effort taken by u..
i would like to share some of my thoughts n stuff that i have abt V.P.Kale.

How can i do it here?
reply on

Anonymous said...

vapurza chhan pustak aahe, mi v.p. kale chi aankhi pustake vachin.

Anonymous said...

dam good book......... i think in daily life every person must hav a'partner' mostly those people who r thinking 4 suside.........