Sunday, September 21, 2008


I tried in past to get hold of VCD/DVD for this movie but was not successful. My friend Sabu finally got it from his usual DVD renting center called DVD Express.

Finished watching the movie about an hours ago. Highly recommended. No wonder Christopher Nolan having so good directional skills resurrected the Batman movie franchise and made it one of the most profitable.

I am still trying to figure out how the story happens exactly. Will probably have to watch it tomorrow again. If nothing else, this movie is surely a good exercise for memory and thinking abilities.


Anonymous said...

The limited edition has an easter egg which allows you to see the film backwards, in the correct order :-)

PriceChild said...

Great film, had forgotten the director.

I believe on the back of the DVD casing there is a quote from a review of the film, going something like "a film you just have to watch again straight away". So true.

Anonymous said...

I'd encourage you to check out 21 Grams from the acclaimed team of Alejandro González Iñárritu, Guillermo Arriaga, and Rodrigo Prieto.

It is the movie that Memento should have been.

While both are heavily Postmodern in structure, 21 Grams sets the bar significantly higher.

The trio's three films are all worth watching - Amores Perros, 21 Grams, and Babel.

n8k99 said...

best way to watch memento DVD, in reverse chapter order.

ओंकार (Onkar) said...

As I said it was hard to get hold of the DVD even in rental shops so I doubt I will find limited edition DVD anywhere in India.

Will surely check if I find it anywhere. :-)

We actually did that after finishing the movie.

Antonio Antillon said...


I have a suuggestion to help you understand how the story on Memento goes.

You have to notice that scenes in black and white are sequential and scenes in color appear in reverse order.

With this in mind, watch first all of the scenes in black & white as they happen in the dvd (from start to finish) and then watch all of the color scenes in reverse (starting at the last chapter and going to the "beginning" of the film).

Just my two cents. But that s the way that the storyline evolves... and when you do so, you'll notice that the story arc works just as well as with Nolan's original editing. Perhaps you'll get a hold of what really happened with Guy Pearce's character from the beginning, but that won't spoil the fun anyway. :)