Sunday, September 14, 2008

Easy VoIP

A company I work for as contractor, through my employer, manufactures routers for various ISPs. These routers have one of best features you can get on such a device. They support using SIP based VoIP service directly with a phone attached to it.
The way it works is like this.
1. Configure your VoIP settings from administration web interface.
2. Attach a phone to one of the phone sockets on the router and dial a number.

I have been using Diamondcard service for some time to make cheap international calls to my brother. And above mentioned setup will make it even easier, specifically for my parents.
Apart from being easy it has few advantages:
1. You don't have to switch on your PC just to make or receive a call.
2. From what I have heard the feature is designed in such a way that when using DSL you can switch dialing between standard phone line and VoIP with touch of a button. Similar to dialing a 0 to get outside line from office phone.

Unfortunately these devices are not available off the shelf anywhere. They are available only when you buy service one of ISPs to which they are provided. Even then I am sure the routers will not be available for outright purchase.

I have been thinking of buying a wireless router for myself for some time. But if I find something similar to these routers I will probably replace my father's router with new one for the sake of easy VoIP setup and keep the old one for myself.
I have already searched for similar functionality into products of some popular brands like Linksys and D-Link, but couldn't find anything.

Am I not looking hard enough? Has anyone come across such a product available of the shelf?


Pepsiman said...

There are hundreds on ebay UK.

Anonymous said...

I'm using a Linksys PAP2T, it's not a rooter, you just plug the PAP2T to the rooter via Ethernet, there is a web interface for configuring the sip account, there is 2 phones sockets so you can use 2 sip account and of course, you don't need your computer anymore when the configuration is done.
I've tried different sip box (bewan phone for example) but the linksys one is the more stable I've seen (you can easily find one on ebay)

Brian Churchwell said...

Check out Grandstream

I use an HT386

Anonymous said...

if i read it right, they have Internet telephony in conformance with SIP (RFC 3261)

Spider said...

You might want to try an Ingate SIPArator?

Anonymous said...

Try Linksys Sipura SPA 3000

Steffl said...

Almost many modern router supports those features, especially as ISPs have startet to inlcude a phone flat in there prices (at least here in Germany). We have a FritzBox here, which does this job just fine. It is also available off the shelf.

ओंकार (Onkar) said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I was looking for something all-in-one. So AVM Fritz!Box Fon WLAN solves my problem.

Now I need to look for a distributor/reseller in India. Otherwise I will have to get from outside through some friend. :-)