Wednesday, December 23, 2009

gnusim8085 maintenance - migration to git

I hate to admit it but I am bad at maintaining gnusim8085. Until few days ago there has been zero activity from my side and almost zero activity overall from last stable release 1.3.5. Hopefully this will change soon.

It was already discussed on the mailing list if we should migrate to some DVCS. But since I was not very comfortable with concept of DVCS at that time we decided to live with svn. But beating my own reluctance (and ignorance) about DVCS I have finally converted the repository to git. I found some time in last week to actually learn basics of git. So I am not living under rock anymore. The conversion was as easy as 'git svn clone <svn_url>; git push <git_url>'. I also hope this will reduce the barrier to entry for contributors/patch writers.
The project is still hosted on because even with really slow UI it is still overall best hosting solution IMHO.

Since the conversion to git I have already pushed some bug fixes and a feature addition. I am having fun using git and going forward I will use git for most of the projects. :-D

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Anonymous said...

To do a proper conversion to git you should do some other stuff too:

Convert the fake git-svn tags branches to proper git tags.

Add proper git authorship for past commits: John Doe

Strip the SVN metadata from all the commit logs.