Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hello Planet ...

If everything is setup properly, this should be my first post on two planets.

1. Because of contributions I have made to packaging of java applications/libraries in Ubuntu, I have been accepted as a Ubuntu Contributing Developer. Hence my blog will be feature on Planet Ubuntu.
2. This blog will also feature on Planet FLOSS India, because my good friend Aanjhan thought that it should be and pulled some strings for the same.

Who am I -
Onkar Shinde, Male, 25, Resident of India.

Where am I -
Located at Pune, but spent 21 years of my life into Aurangabad, both cities in Maharashtra state (in case anyone doesn't know).

What do I do for living -
I work mainly as a java developer in Pune. But it has been almost 3 months since I have written any java code.

What you can expect from my posts -
I am a java/ant guy. So you can expect posts related to java applications, libraries which is kind of rare on both the planets. But this doesn't mean there won't be any non technical posts.

Thanks to -
Lot of people. Specifically Emmet Hikory and Michael Bienia for the guidance in java packaging matters, because of which I have found a focus for my contributions.


David Futcher (bobbo) said...

Congratulatiosn Onkar! Well deserved Ubuntu membership.

Manish said...

Congratulations Onkar! I have also contributed to ubuntu as much as I can within my knowledge area.