Saturday, October 28, 2006

Beryl - Special effects at your desk(top)

Following the keystrokes of G0SUB and tuxmaniac, I finally installed Beryl on Edgy Eft i.e. Ubuntu 6.10 .
('Following the keystrokes' is computer world analogous of 'Following the footsteps')

It is too good. It provides loads of special effects. It is too hard to express in words. That is why I have made a small video for all to checkout. The effects included in video are, minimize/restore, shade, show desktop, switch workspace, switch applications, close application. The video is in Theora/Ogg format. If you are in Windows/Mac OS X, you will probably need VLC player to play it.

Download the video - Beryl Video. The download is about 2 MB.

People using Mac OS X 10.3+ should be already familiar with these effects. Windows users will have to wait till Vista is out I guess.

1. I have followed the tutorial provided at I use ATI Radeon 7000 AGP card. If you are using any card other than Intel, ATI, nVidia then you will have to use trial and error method.
2. I have recorded this video using istanbul. For that one need to tweak some settings.
a) Once you load istanbul, select 'Record 3D' instead of 'Record Mouse Pointer' in the context menu of tray icon
b) Select 'Full' size in the context menu of tray icon.
c) Open gconf-editor and edit the setting video_framerate in /apps/istanbul. Set it to 5 instead of default 10. Lower the value, more watchable video. This setting is not exposed through UI.
3. I am sure some of you will notice that the time shown by the clock in video is 1st January, around 12 pm. That is because the battery of my BIOS died today and time gets reset on every reboot. :-D


Aanjhan a.k.a tuxmaniac said...

href the link to video!! Good blog mate.

Debajit said...

Good job man. With Beryl, XGL etc i think we finally have Linux coming of age on the desktop :)

I do have one gripe though -- this thing does not seem to be very easy to install for the average user -- I just checked that wiki link you provided -- Editing xorg.conf and installing the drivers is not something the average user would be comfortable with -- but I guess the new Linux distros would probably ship with this.

I love the window-dragging effect the most. I think that looks really cool :)

Can one tweak the effects?

Yes, this is similar to what the Mac does -- the Mac effects look far more polished in my opinion :)

Hey.. maybe you could provide a flash video instead of Ogg/Theora -- not everyone may have VLC :)