Monday, February 13, 2006

Marathi/Hindi transliteration in instant messenging

I had been trying to make some Marathi transliteration tool for email sometime back.
Although that work stalled, recently I came across one plugin for Gaim which converted English to Tamil.

I was able to modify the plugin for Marathi/Hindi using Varun's (author of original plugin) help.

I have released first version of this plugin for Gaim 1.5.0 on Windows and Linux.

Please read README and transliteration legend for instructions.

The plugin can be found at

Please try this plugin and mail me your comments and suggestions.

1. Varun, for original idea, helping me understand Gaim API used and implement some additional logic.
2. First victims of some (un)readable Marathi/Hindi messages - Debajit, Shrinand, Himanshu, Rahul and Varun (although he doesn't understand Hindi at all).
3. Shridhar Ratna (whose 8085 simulator project I took over) for giving inspiration to Varun for original plugin.
4. Last but not least, Gaim team for such a wonderful software.

I hope these plugins make their way into Gaim and be a compelling feature for using Gaim.


Debajit said...

Hey, great job again Onkar! :)

This would really be useful. Will definitely try it out and let you know :)

Varun Soundararajan said...

Great work Onkar! One of my friend got an RPM and Makefile for it. Once i get in toch with him, i will help you out as well, with a fully blown RPM and installer stuffs.


Rocky said...

nice plugin yaar sure wuld try

sudhir said...

hey guys now u can easily write in hindi font, bye using english font, just hav a look at this link